Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Writing Aspirations

An excerpt from my latest journal entry:
"Dearest of Journals,
 I will say here, however it might disappoint those romantic souls who revere the intellect of anyone who takes pen to paper, that I have never seriously aspired to create, or unearth, an entirely novel way of expressing my own modest perspective - to find, as some would put it, my own voice. My ambitions are far more humble. Though of course, I have more than once allowed myself to entertain the thought of critical fame, I would settle, tomorrow, for far less. I would be content simply to see, on a single occasion a work of my own in print. This would be enough. There was a time, I must admit when my goals were somewhat higher - when I intended to publish book after book, a small library of my own making, beginning with collections of short, and then longer pieces, novels , trilogies - and to fill these volumes with the fruits of my own hard - won wisdom. Alas, dearest of journals, I might as well have wished for the moon."

As the pages of my life turn and I embark on a new chapter, my inspiration is far and few between. One of these days however, I will come up with something wonderfully inspiring for all of you!  



  1. Wow! You're a beautiful journalist. I didn't know you liked to write. (I do too). Thanks for sharing! You made me smile. :D :D

  2. Grace, your talent is outstanding. Your writing is an inspiration to me as a fellow writer. I admire your work. Thanks be to God for giving you this incredible gift!