Tuesday, 21 February 2012


    You've probably experienced it - the continuing thoughts about someone who has sparked your interest,  the heart flutters whenever that person walks by, hours are spent daydreaming of a future with that special someone. It's infatuation, and I know it well, having been hit myself. Far to many of us have a hard time seeing infatuation as potentially harmful. But when we're hit with this rush of emotions we need to examine it carefully, because when you really ponder it, infatuation can be a sinful response to attraction. 

Any time we allow someone to remove God as our focus of affection, we've gone from harmless appreciation of someone's beauty or personality to the dangerous area of infatuation. Rather than making God the object of our longing, we wrongly direct these feelings toward another human. We bow to someone other than God, hoping this person will meet our needs and bring fulfillment. When infatuated with someone it's our tendency to build up that person in our imaginations as the perfect guy or girl. We think we'd be happy forever if that person would return our affections. Of course, we can only sustain our silly crush because we've exchanged fantasy for all the information we lack about the person. However, as soon as we get to know that person's true identity and discover that our "perfect" man or woman is just like everyone else, our dreams fade and we move on to a new crush.

To break from this pattern of infatuation, we must reject the idea that a human relationship can ever deliver complete fulfillment. When we find our hearts and minds slipping into the world of fantasy we must pray, "God, help me to remember that no human can ever take your place in my life. You are my strength, my hope and my reward. Bring me back to reality and help me to focus on you".   


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  1. Hi there! I'm Monica. I love this post. Because I am all to familiar as well with infatuation.
    I am on the same path in receiving complete fulfillment in Christ Jesus.
    Also I love the photo along with this post it is so beautiful.

  2. Wow...likewise. I'm guilty of it myself, even though I don't really want to get married, I still have attraction for certain people it seems. So thanks for writing this! It's convicting, it's what I needed to hear. I never thought of it in that way...but it makes sense. You're a good writer Grace. You should put all these great thoughts into like a devotional book. I know I'd buy it! Have a good week!! :)

  3. I do that all the time. I seriously try hard not to. It is something very hard to do. I think it is ok to daydream about your future husband, but if you dwell on it 24/7 it is not very good.

    Great Post!

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  4. Wow.... This is helpful! Thanks Grace! And Lisa's right! and I'd buy it to!

  5. blessed me. do visit! I follow you and ask you to do the same.