Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Our Hearts

   I've come to realize that the human heart doesn't like taking orders from the mind. The time will come for all of us when we don't feel like doing the godly, sensible thing we've decided to do. But how will we respond when our hearts lean toward a full-scale rebellion? If we don't prepare ourselves, we'll feel tempted to run from our morals and standards. The sooner we become acquainted with the contents of our hearts, the better. Far too many of us are happily unaware of how deceitful the core of our beings can truly be. When we think "heart", we picture cute, cutout valentines. But often if we really dig through out hearts, we'd find selfishness, lust, envy and lies. The effect is like discovering that the sweet old lady living next door is on FBI's most wanted list. Though we might be shocked, God is not. I believe he not only understands how delicate our hearts are, He knows how easily it can be pulled in the wrong direction. 


My own photo taken in Maui


  1. You're right! Again! Lol. It is super delicate, and God knows that! That's why He is able to love us and that is why he is able to be patient with us! In ALL things, and in ALL areas of our lives! Hope you had a Great Valentine's Day!