Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What Matters at Fifty

I was reading something of Josh Harris the other day and at first it quite freaked me out, however, after thinking on it, I believe it could be rather profound. Here's what he said:
"How many times have I made a complete fool of myself by falling head over heels for someone simply because of her charm and beauty? Too many times. To cure this tendency, I've created a little game. When I meet a beautiful girl and I'm tempted to be overly impressed by her external features, I try to imagine what this girl will look like when she is fifty years old. (If this girls mother is with her it doesn't take too much imagination.) This girl may be young and pretty now, but what happens when the beauty fades? Does anything within her beauty beckon me? Is it her character that radiates and draws me toward her, or is it just the fact that her summer dress shows off a little too much of her tan? So what if her feminine out line captures my eye today? When pregnancies add stretch marks and the years add extra pounds, will something in this girls soul attract me?" - Josh Harris


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