Thursday, 20 October 2011

Jesus = True son of God

 C.S Lewis famously said that Jesus is either the true Son of God, a demon, or else a man man. The everything or nothing essence of that statement always gives me chills. Jesus is either who he claims to be- the God-man who came and redeemed humanity- or he's a complete nutcase, even mentally sick. You can't have it somewhere in the middle. He could not be a wise teacher and a great moral example while at the same time a deceitful liar. He can't be a trusted source of spiritual guidance and at the same time be wrong about his identity. This seems to be a sealed argument to me, but numerous people find some sort of way to wiggle out of it. They still grasp on to Jesus in some form, but they deny that he is the Son of God who should be obeyed and praised. Frances Chan has greatly quoted:"The intellectual gymnastics required for this reminds me of pictures of people doing yoga who are able to wrap both feet around their heads and tie them in a knot. I don't know why they would want to do that, and it looks painful." 

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