Wednesday, 19 October 2011

True Love

By my own admission, I am, a hopeless romantic. If such a thing could be possible, I am in love with love. There's nothing quite like it, and if you've ever experienced it you know what I'm talking about. Being in love is patchwork of one thousand indescribable moments. You spend every waking moment thinking of that special person, you lose interest in the dull chores of eating, sleeping and thinking with any rational motive. It's as though someone has removed blinders from your eyes and you now see the world full of mystery, wonder and hope. Oh, I can tell you all about the warm fuzzy side of love, however, that's only a small part of "True Love". I can plunge myself into romance with all the passion of Romeo and Juliet but as Josh Harris once quoted: "In God's school of true love I'm still in kindergarten. We've been playing in the sandbox but God want's to take us to the beach." This statement is so true, because there is so much more to love than just romance (although, I think
we'd all agree that love notes and roses are still a contributor). God seeks to give us a larger view of what love really is, he wants to give depth to our understanding.


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